DoubleHelix Projects - Digital Vascular Imaging (DVI)
DVI is a vascular imaging technology which uses data from the haemoglobin absorption spectrum which is superposed on the illumination source spectrum in digital images of the conjunctiva and limbus
DVI is not just image processing - it is a spectral analyser that is specifically designed to extract the image of the vascular tree from the conjunctival vascular bed.
DVI is primarily designed for the conjunctiva although it has been used for assessment of the optic disc.
DVI is a collaborative project at present - you can be a part of this project by downloading the latest version from the download link below. We are interested in knowing the possible use scenarios. Do drop in a mail to DVI is heavily dependent on the quality of the image you use for the analysis. Look at the top right corner of the DVI app screen to get an idea of the image quality DVI also gives you a lot of analytics on the image - an RGB and brightness histogram and statistical information of colour composition and brightness. Take a look at the Histogram and Image Metrics tabs. The same information can also be obtained for a specified area of the image. Click and drag to define an area in the image and then use the right click.
The interface
Use case scenarios (evolving...)
Pre-dilatation colour image Pre-dilatation DVI image
OSSN colour image OSSN DVI image
Limbal lens fit colour image Limbal lens fit DVI image