Ocular Surface Diagnostics ...

Unlike anything you have seen before


Live measurement of the lipid layer thickness on the central cornea

For the first time you have a live measurement of the LLT on the central cornea refreshed every 100 ms with data acquisition over a 2 second window with an accuracy of 10 nm. This data is verified for quality of acquisition and then displayed as a colour coded map of the central 5 mm of the cornea. You can read out the minimum, maximum and the average thicknes of the lipid layer ... more


Quantitative analysis of meibomian glands

The procedure of observing the morphology of the meibomian glands using near-infrared illumination is known as meibography. With OSDx, the structure of the meibomian glands, including the ducts and acini, can be observed in both upper and lower (everted) lids. The report gives a percentage of the lid area covered by the glands as a score ... more

Blink analysis

Analysis of blink rate, blink duration, inter-blink interval and much more ...

Blink is one of the most underrated components of dry eye disease. With OSDx you have the capability of analysing blink kinetics in great detail. Blink rate, complete and incomplete blink count, number of extended blinks (a sign of dry eye), statistical analysis of inter-blink interval and ... more


Measuring the radius of curvature of the lower tear meniscus

The RoC of the LTM is an accurate surrogate of the tear meniscus height (TMH). True TMH can only be accurately measured with AS-OCT. Machines using reflectometry cannot measure TMH. RoC, which can be measured with great accuracy using OSDx can be interchangably used with TMH ... more


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