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Quantitative analysis of meibomian glands

The procedure of observing the morphology of the meibomian glands using near-infrared illumination is known as meibography. With OSDx, the structure of the meibomian glands, including the ducts and acini, can be observed in both upper and lower (everted) lids. The report gives a percentage of the lid area covered by the glands as a score. OSDx uses several sophisticated image processing techniques to segment out the meibomian glands.

Manifestations in dry eye diseases may be in the form of loss of gland area, loss of acini, and toruosity of the glands.

You can take up to four shots of the meibomian glands and select the best for processing. The only user intervention required is to demarcate the area of the tarsal plate. Automatic detection of tarsal plate is avoided so that user may exclude areas where glands could not be imaged well and would lead to falsely low scores.

The video below will give you a fair idea of the process.

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