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Quantitative analysis of lipid layer of tear film

Meibum plays a critical role in tear film stability and prevents tear evaporation from the aqueous tear film layer. Studies have reported that impaired or absent tear film lipid layer disturbs the stability of the tear film and in these circumstances, tear evaporation can increase up to fourfold.

Lipimetry measurement with OSDx allows us to assess the thickness of the lipid layer in real time. The automated system eliminates subjective focus bias. It captures a 2 second 10 fps video and uses interferometric assessment to give the average thickness of the lipid layer of the tear film as well as the thinnest and thickest values. All this at a nanometric accuracy and in real-time. The lipimetry along with Meibography is a comprehensive assessment of the status of the lipid layer apparatus of the tear film and thus Dry Eye Disease. OSDx also automatically removes non-tear-film areas (like lashes, lids etc.) from the analysis and colour coded map. A histogram display and quality-of-data check assures correct area mapping and image quality. In auto-capture mode data acquisition is automated. You can turn off auto-capture to watch the tear film decay in real time between and across blinks.

OSDx has been developed by DoubleHelix Enterprises